About Us

Intus Life

Our mission is to Educate | Challenge | Exchange



Through curating the latest knowledge on Health by consulting with Doctors, Specialists and Experts, and looking at evidence based research and empirical truths.  


Challenge the status quo. 70 years ago Doctors prescribed cigarettes to patients. What is the Medical establishment doing today that in 70 years will be prohibited? Just because information is pushed by a person/organisation of authority, doesn't mean it's always correct. Do your own research. 



Intus Life exchanges value with our customers. We provide value through information and supplying "tools" that can deliver results for the customer. We refer to products as tools because that's what they are, they are instruments for you to use to achieve your desired outcome. Before exchanging your hard-earned money, you owe it to yourself to commit to getting a return on your investment.


Go Within

Our motto is "Go Within". Whatever journey you are on, all the answers you're looking for are within. There is external information you can use, people you can look to for advice and guidance, tools/devices that you can use, but ultimately the change happens within you, and because of you.