Intus Life Therapy Lamp Setup Guide

The Intus Life Therapy Lamp has been specifically made to use the infamous TheraBulb incandescent infrared light bulbs. 

1. The lamp is ready to use out of the box.

2. Identify the place where you will use the lamp and make sure the surface it will be clamped to is secure, and the power cable can be plugged in safely without the risk of entanglement. 

3. Make sure there is no potential obstructions with the lamp specifically the lamp head as during use it will become very hot. 

4. To set up your lamp it is simply a case of attaching the clamp to the bottom of the lamp and then securing the clamp to your chosen suitable surface. 

3. Make sure the clamp is tightened enough so the lamp is stable but do not overtighten to avoid damaging the surface it is attached to. 

4. Once the clamp is secured, you will see that you can swivel the lamp in a 360 degree motion and extend the "body" of the lamp in an upward or downward motion to position the lamp ready to turn on.

5. Identify the area of your body that you want to treat, and position the lamp accordingly. Once you turn on the lamp DO NOT TOUCH THE LAMP HEAD, IT WILL BE EXTREMELY HOT. 

6. Keep the surface of the area being treated (your skin) at least 12 inches from the light bulb. The healing heat of the TheraBulb is effective from up to 16 inches.

7. Once you have finished your treatment turn your lamp off at the plug.