How to Assemble your Ice Bath

Your Intus Ice Bath can be assembled straight out of the box within 5 minutes. 

An instruction manual is included in your pack and the simplicity of the design means anyone can assemble the ice bath.

To make it even easier we've created an instructional video that walks you through the process step by step. Click this link to see how:


Open your Intus Ice Bath box, take out all of the individual parts and lay them out.


Take the support poles and thread them into the holes at the bottom of the ice bath skin. Push the support poles all the way in so the bottom of the poles (the end with plastic feet) are sticking out and are in line with the bottom of the ice bath. Repeat this process until all support poles are inserted and the ice bath can stand up.


Take the hand pump provided and locate the air valve in the ring that tops the ice bath. Insert the hand pump nosel and inflate the ring. When you have inflated the ring take out the pump and quickly seal the valve.


Take one of the three rubber bands provided and put it around the drainage tap at the bottom of the ice bath. Refer to the instructional video for further guidance. Attach the drainage hose to the tap and make sure the tap is turned "off".


Make sure the valve on the inside at the bottom of the ice bath is securely sealed. 


You are now ready to fill your ice bath with water to the required depth.