**DONT PUBLISH YET How to instantly incease the value of your purchase by 10x or 100x for free

How to instantly increase the value of your purchase by 10x or 100x for free.

If you're going to invest your hard earned cash, you owe it to yourself to make sure you get a return on your investment and commit to the challenge. And here's a way to instantly increase the value of a product you buy. Say you pay £99.99 for an Intus Ice Bath.

When you buy an ice bath you don't buy results, you buy the potential for infinite results.


If you use it once that one session of cold water therapy has cost you £99.99, you're not happy, you might think what a waste of money, those ice baths aren't worth it. But wait, it gets worse. Not only do you think you've wasted your money, you've also lost some self respect in the process, either consciously or subconsciously. You see, if you say to yourself you're going to do something, and you don't, you've let yourself down, it's another reason for that negative voice in your head to get louder; "what a waste of time, you couldn't even stick to it, why do you bother" etc etc. 

So what's the opposite of the above? You make your purchase, you print off your Intus Life 30 Day Challenge sheet. it's another bit of fuel to your fire

Sometimes we get a dopamine hit when we buy something


By now we hope you've realised Intus Life isn't like other companies, we're not just trying to sell you something, we're trying to educate people so they can see the benefits and make the decisions for themselves. In fact we will actively deter you from buying if you don't commit to getting the most possible value from your purchase.


Take our Intus Life 30 Day Challenge and see what momentum you can build from 30 days of doing something difficult, something challenging, something uncomfortable. You might surprise yourself.