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Intus Life Infrared Light Lamp | 300WATT

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Intus Life - POWERED by TheraBulb

(TheraBulb NOT included. It is sold separately at

This infrared lamp is compatible for all of the powerful 150WATT, 250WATT, and 300WATT TheraBulbs. It's multi-position use allows you to treat all areas of the body with ease: face, neck, arms, torso, back, and legs! You can also adjust the lamp head to your exact preference and enjoy its healing effects.

Infrared light therapy offers a variety of advantages. It stimulates collagen production, repairs skin damaged by the sun, and decreases wrinkles. Additionally, it may help boost blood circulation & oxygen delivery, reduce stress, and aid sleep.

It has been used to soothe soft tissue, muscles & joints, and even to remedy sports injuries. Furthermore, it may help to detoxify and enhance immunity by raising core body temperature.

Lamp Features

Compatible for 150WATT, 250WATT & 300WATT TheraBulbs

Multi-position use for therapy to all regions of body: Face, Neck, Arms, Torso, Back, Legs. 

Adjustable lamp head

Matte Black finish

UK Plug 

Guidance for use:

1. Set the lamp in the desired position on a stable surface

2. Make sure the lamp is 30cm from any and all obstructions

3. Make sure the wire is safely connected to power and NOT a trip hazard

4. Position the angle of the lamp

5. If using on face wear protective goggles

6. Position yourself 30cm from the lamp


The powerful healing wavelengths of TheraBulbs mean the 300WATT bulb reaches a temperature of 589 Degrees Fahrenheit.


This is a powerful device please take care during use

What is infrared light?

Infrared light penetrates deep into your body, through inner layers of skin, to muscles, nerves and bones,

What are the benefits of Infrared light therapy?

Collagen production

Sun-damaged skin repair

Reduce wrinkles

Boosts blood circulation & oxygen delivery

Stress relief 

Sleep aid

Pain relief: soft tissue, muscles & joints

Sports injuries


Boosts immunity by raising core body temperature

Are all Infrared Light products the same?

If you own or are thinking of purchasing other Infrared Light products, ask the company for Independently Verified data on the OUTPUT & MATERIALS of the product, for your own safety and peace of mind.

Many infrared light products that are available and sold by reputable companies, ARE NOT independently tested or verified. There is no way of knowing what output you are getting and what materials are in the product. 

Many products use toxic & dangerous materials like lead, mercury and teflon.

 Intus Life is the Exclusive Partner to TheraBulb. We offer the best, Independently Tested & Verified Infrared technology to you.

TheraBulbs are manufactured Exclusively using non-toxic materials, allowing them to bear the CE mark and the RoHS certification. This means they are free of lead, mercury, Teflon, and other substances regulated under the EU's Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive.  

TheraBulbs are Third Party Independently Laboratory tested & verified to demonstrate:

- The percentage of total energy emitted at each wavelength

- The amount of energy available at a given distance from the bulb 

- The maximum operating temperature

All test data is available for your review at

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